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the clarity of oil is recovered and the color

Thus, the clarity of oil is recovered and the color of used black engine oil is restored. The filter press is made in casting founding with nodular cast iron and machining. Technical Parameter ListItem UnitZLE-… ZLE-…¡ ZLE-… ZLE-…£Capacity Kg/D1000-20002000-40004000-80008000-16000Recovery Rate %80-95 (or follow requirement of waste oil )WorkingChina Plastic Moulds Suppliers Pressure Mpa‰¤0.6Noise dB(A)‰¤65-80Power Supply V/Hz380/50(or at user's option)Whole Power kw35 65 100 130Weight kg2500 3500 5000 8000RemarkThe capacity is based on that the oil purifier work 8-16 hours per day.4-0. 7.ZLE Waste Engine Oil Regeneration MachineApplication:This kind of purifier is applicable to purification of various used black engine oils from transport facilities such as ship and automobile. The vacuum system is used for high-level removing the micro water and the left gas content of the waste oil. 5. The deal surface of plate adoption with rubber sheet or formed in vulcanization mould with compound rubber. with the special waste gas collecting and absorbing device, reducing the harmful gas going into the air and friendly to the environment. 3. An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling system, liquid-level controlling system, defoaming Plastic Pallet Moulds Suppliers controlling system, pressure protecting system and excellent equipment can ensure operation of the equipment with high performance. This system takes the physical chemical reaction to get the regenerated oil.6. The adoption liquid presses of spread to move and pulls the plate automatically.Features:1.4. 2.. Having follow advantages: High intensity, heat-resisting, a larger flow of filtering, ect. Indirect heating used by the heating system to be sure that waste oils be heated equality and the temperature of waste oils is stable. This system can remove the tiny impurity dispersed in oil such as carbon Particles and deep oxides, as well as bad substance such as colloid and bitumen. Setting the Phase-sequence and open-phase protection, creepage protection

All those people who suffer from swollen

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